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2010 GWB Group Photo with Nobel Laureate David Gross
2010 GWB Group Photo with Nobel Laureate David Gross
2011 GWB Kick-off by Lee
2011 GWB Kick-off by Lee

The advancement of humanitarian geophysics in Southeast Asia: a student-based approach

In January, 2010, Boise State University conducted the first geophysics field camp funded through the Geoscientists Without Borders Program. This field camp, headquartered at Chiang Mai University, Thailand, served 42 students from 15 institutes representing 7 countries. Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals and faculty, gained hands-on experience with geophysical data acquisition, processing, and interpretation while students produced reports that address local environmental and engineering problems. We selected three humanitarian projects in northern Thailand encompassing:



Geologic Hazards Site Hydrogeophysics Site Archaeological Mapping Site

At these sites, students will be introduced to a combination of seismic (reflection, MASW, refraction), ground penetrating radar, electrical, gravity, and magnetic methods that will address the local geotechnical problems. The ultimate goal is to create a self-sustaining field camp by training faculty and students, and utilizing geophysical equipment that presently exists in Southeast Asia. We intend to offer the field camp to students and faculty from all over Southeast Asia with scholarship-based participation, and we intend to impact the entire region by giving participants exposure to a variety of geophysical methods that they can then back to their home countries or regions. A strong participation by the Boise State University SEG Chapter and SEG chapters throughout Southeast Asia will strengthen ties between universities and encourage other institutions to initiate SEG student chapters.

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