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Research Faculty Policy Considerations

The Geosciences Research Faculty Committee completed its discussion about the role of Research Faculty at BSU. We have decided upon some recommendations to enhance the experience of the Research Faculty. Our goal is to make the position of Research Faculty at BSU a desirable one. We provide a the following document that summarizes our considerations.

Statement from the Geosciences Research Faculty Committee

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Relevant Information

From MIT:

The purpose of the campus research appointment structure is to create professional sponsored research staff categories with employee benefits and privileges in order to encourage long-term research careers at MIT. The concept of long-term professional careers, independent of classroom teaching and supported entirely from research grants, is not a new one for the American research university. This mode of research, with professionals working in departments, laboratories, and centers, is an important mechanism for universities to maintain research viability, enter new fields, and bring researchers to the campus.

From University of North Carolina:

Faculty Research Funds

Faculty research grants are made by the University Research Council using funds derived from institutional sources, The Carolina Fund, and other sources. The Council does not make grants of more than $4,000 each. Application forms and a statement of instructions and regulations are available from the Office of Research Services. Completed applications are filed with the same office. Applications are initially screened and evaluated by divisional subcommittees before final Council review and discussion.

Applicants must be full-time members of the faculty in the tenure, tenure-track, research professorial ranks, clinical ranks or be professional librarians in the analogous librarian ranks. Preference is given to less senior applicants only for the purpose of breaking ties. No applicant may be currently a candidate for a degree at any institution. Grants must be used for research that is in the general area of the applicant’s teaching responsibility, is of scholarly significance, gives promise of more than temporary value, and can be completed in a designated time period.